Flappê is a  watermelon based drink. Full of tropical vibrancy, it is made for young consumers, looking for exciting and fun graphic design. The main element in the can is a hummingbird, an animal full of energy, gliding through the air with its 80 wing beats per second. Flappê is a sweet drink, as well as the nectar of flowers that attracts the bird.

A drink made to get you up and light. In this context, a reunion happens in no other place than the sky. Starting from the hummingbird, passing through clouds, birds, rocket, planet, UFO and other humorous characters.

Flappê – for a good party we fly.

Direção de Criação (Creative Direction): Paula Cotta / Renata Polastri;
Design Gráfico (Graphic Design): Paula Cotta;

Ilustração (Illustration): Mariamma Fonseca
Redação (Text): Marcela Dantés
Fotografia (Photography): Rafael Motta


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